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Time past since start of 2018 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Australia

Luc Van Britsom

Age: 52
Position: Camera flyer
Number of jumps: 9500
Profession: Professional Skydiver
Hobby’s: Tandem Flyer, Photography, Video-editing



Skydiving palmares:
World championship 2008 4way woman
Silver Medalist ESL 2009 Team Thunder
Gold Medalist 2010 Belgian Nationals, B-team Belgian Military team
Gold Medalist 2013 German Nationals, 4way woman Paratec-Saar
Gold Medalist World Championship CISM Soest, Germany 2017
Gold Medalist European Championship Germany 2017
Gold Medalist WORLD CUP Germany 2017
Silver Medalist 8-way European Championship Germany 2017
Bronze Medalist 8-way WORLD CUP Germany 2017
Gold Medalist National Championship 2017
Gold Medalist 4-way USPA US National Championship Perris Valley 2017
Silver Medalist 8-way USPA US National Championship Perris Valley 2017
Gold Medalist World Championship CISM Szolnok, Hungary 2018
Gold Medalist 4-way Belgian Indoor Nationals 2018
Gold Medal World Championship Gold Coast, Australia, 2018