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Time past since start of 2021 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Mondial Russia

The year after the World Championship, is most of often the one with the changes.
This time it's not different;
With So instead of Luc, and with internal place changes between David and Andy (Point - Inside - Outside Center).
Roy will still be flying his tail slot.
We will try to do better than our well deserved 3th place on the World Championship at Maubeuge, France!
In our minds we know that we were only 4 pts away from our first World Championship title, but still, we are very pleased with our first bronze medal, and this team is still on a road for success as we never could have dreamed off.
Is it possible that boy’s dreams do come true?
Together with Joey Jones, our top coach in 2008, we want to create a more solid foundation for the World Championship 2010 and with an average age of 27,5 this team can, future wise, go for every World Championship or World Cup's gold medals!
With Danny we are in possession of one of the (if not THE) best 4-way camera flyers in the World!
Additionally the 4-way experience of Luc (being a competitor for more than 25 years) will make sure that our team is well prepared for the upcoming year!

Let's make sure that we don't forget the efforts done for us behind the scene:
· Military Office of Top Sport Defense Belgium
·Training Centre Schaffen,
· Planning & coordination for the logistics, budget, contracting and administration done by
Wim Kauffman,Stijn Polus and in the future Erwin De Clercq!
Our goals for this year are:
In the first period gaining some extra competition experience by participating in indoor competitions like :
Paris , France and Bedford, UK.
While we aim to peak at our biggest meets:

· July: World Games at Taipei, Taiwan .
· August: World CISM at Lucenec,Slovakia.
· September: World Cup at Prostejov, Czech Republic.
Off course we want to be on that highest spot on the podium and the how to accomplish this, will be very important!
Clean, Fast, Precise, lesser mistakes and most important with a whole lot of Friendship!
As always you can expect the best of us in every way in this busy but exciting year 2009!
We still hope for your support, we are going to need it; our opponents are tough, our training even tougher!
We would like to thank all of our fans and our sponsors who still believe in us, our talent and our commitment to achieve our goals!

Join HayaBusa Defence on its journey to concur the World!
Stronger and Faster than ever...

Looking back to our first season as a professional team I guess we can say that it was
even better then what we had expected. With having a new lineup and try to get used to
the new way of training and solving problems, we learned quickly and became a strong
team. We're still learning, trying to get better and pushing our limits jump after jump.
Our highlights of 2007 will be for sure winning the World Cup and European Championship
in Russia, where we had a thrilling final against the French National team.  And some
months later we became the new Military World Champions in India where we had another
breath taking race against the American Golden Knights. We also set 2 new Military World
records for highest score (41) and highest average (31,5)  over eight rounds.

This year the FAI World Championship will be held in Maubeuge, France. Winning this Meet
is in our opinion the highest achievement you can earn in Formation Skydiving. We will
give our very best to score as high as we possibly can!  One of the biggest challenges
for us is to overcome the exits out of the Pilatus Porter, flying more cleaner and making
less mistakes. If we succeed in this then we have a good prospect for the World

Through this way we want to thank again all our friends, fans and sponsors that helped us
achieving our goals and that share our passion!! It's a great support for us to know that
you guys back us up!!

Well... 2008 HERE WE COME!!!!!
Hayabusa Defence! Stronger and Faster than ever!!

Time is flying by when you’re having fun!
And for sure 2006 was again a year full of great skydives, lots of fun and good competitions! We managed  to score 45 points in a single random jump during a Belgium Skydive Trophy, wich is a new official Belgium record and a World class performance. Later during the season we set ourselfs a new highest team average over ten rounds 20,5 during the ESL Finals. We competed at the FAI World Championship in Germany and became 6th.  With that we were the Worlds best amateur team. But to all good things comes an end. Sven and Bruno deceided to stop with Hayabusa because of personel reasons. It’s a big lost to the team after training for many years together but they are still in the background.

So a new year brings new challenges!!
The biggest challenge for 2007 was finding  new qualified team members and making a choice of becoming a professional skydiving team. And so we did! In January we joined the Belgium Militairy service and became part of the professional Militairy Skydiving Team. We joined forces with Luc Verstrepen (inside center) and Danny Jacobs (video flyer). Both are multiple Militairy World Champions in FS. As always we upgrated our goals and will work our ass of to achieve them!!!

We also want to thank all our fans and sponsors that supported us during all those years!  And especially Skydive Center Spa, they have been a huge support to us!

Stay tuned for another great Ballistic adventure!!!
“HayaBusa, stronger and faster than ever”!!

Well once again we had a great season in 2005!
It was a very successful year. We learned so many new things; we improve our skills as individuals as well as a team. By doing many competitions we trained ourselves also in this aspect. For sure our highlight was at the Malevsky cup in Russia! Winning the European Championship was fantastic. Jumping a thrilling finale against the strong Russian team was for us something new that we never experienced before. Besides this we won all Belgian Skydive Trophy’s, National Championship and the Aerokart Indoor Challenge in France. We set a new Belgium record at the ESL Finales in Spa, 20.0 average. This was our goal for 2005 and by reaching it at our last competition from the season; we could feel satisfied and look back with a big smile! Besides all the good things we also had some bad luck. We planned to do 400 jumps but we just past the 250. This has mainly to do with bad weather on our first camp and the weather in Belgium. But this means that we still have plenty of room to make progression!

Our plans for the 2006 season are ambitious!
Again we will try to do 400 jumps before the World Meet in Germany.
We would like to bring the average up towards 21.0 and we want to be in the run for a medal during the World Meet! Even if we know that this will be very hard to achieve, we believe in it, and for sure we’ll be giving 100% jump after jump. We already did one camp in January in Eloy. Our level is already higher now then at the end of the 2005 season. This is for us a big motivation! Knowing that we still are climbing even if we are an amateur team doing not many jumps, comparing to the professional teams. But there is a long way ahead of us before reaching our destination, but we are coming!

We want to thank all our supporters and the people that believe in us!!!
You’re giving us strength and motivation during competitions and training.
Big thanks also to our sponsors!!! Without them we couldn’t achieve our dreams.
And especially for our home Drop zone, Skydive Center Spa!!

By settings these new goals, the HayaBusa crew will push them selves as far as they can get, never let go of the team spirits!!

“Spa HayaBusa, stronger and faster than ever”

Looking back at our last season of 2004, we can only say that it was once again a great season!
This year we achieved all our goals, that we made in the beginning of the year.
We competed in the Belgian Skydiving League, Europian Skydiving League, National Championship, World Meet and the Aérokart Indoor Challenge. Our team average went from 15.5 to 19.3 during the ESL meet, and this with only 250 training jumps. We also found ourselves a new home Dropzone at Skydivecenter Spa.

We will bridge winter with organising tunnelcamps and team training mainly at the Aérokart windtunnel in Paris, France.
For upcoming year 2005, we planned to do about 400 training jumps, including two trainingcamps with our coach, Doug Park from DeLand Majik. The first trainingcamp will start in March, from then on we’ll be training until the end of the season.

The most important competitions for us will be; National Championship, Malevskicup (Russia), World Air Games (germany) and the Worldcup (usa). Like previous years, Hayabusa will be organising coaching weekends, at Skydivecenter Spa,
mainly in the beginning and the end of the season. But in between we will also do team coaching.

As always the Hayabusa crew, will be giving more then100% jump after jump.
Believing in ourself and in our teammates!

2005 will be once again a very exciting year for us and we did set new goals to get us were we need to go, and that’s on the podium!!

Last but not least…..
We like to thank all the sponsors and supporters for believing in us!
Keep it up!!!

Spa Hayabusa “stronger and faster then ever”.