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Nr 1 @ Bedford

On Danny's (Worlds most famous FS-4 cameraman) you can find more pictures; check them out!

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Monday 16 April

2 months after winning the first competition of the 2012 season, we managed to reduce the distance at Airspeed with our silver medal at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Meet at DeLand, US. Comparing the results to last years we took a giant leap in our progress.

US vs Belgium
2011: 25.0 vs 22.8
2012: 26.1 vs 26.5

France is close by but due to the lack of training and travel problems their results are not representative for their abilities.

The annual World Challenge Meet @ Bedford, UK was for us the second victory in a row after the domination of Airspeed (2006-2009) and France (2010).

Again a perfect way to start the outdoor training with 100% selfconfidence that everything is possible and 3 top-teams being able to win from each other depending the "form of the day".
Still 7 months to train for the Mondial @ Dubai, UAE.
But also 7 more months without competiting against France and US.
We all know that better opponents only makes you stronger.

Next target is the World Cup 2012 @ Prostejov, Czech Republic at the end of August.

Monday 20 February

This weekend we won the Aérokart Indoor Challenge 2012.
We achieved this with a new Indoor Record of 331 points or 33,1 point average/round.
We are for sure very happy with it, but the road to our main goal is still far away.
Next: The Shamrock showdown @ Skydive DeLand, USA.

Friday 16 December

The 2011 season is finally over.
After being on the road several times it's time to look back and enjoy our magical year 2011 and look forward to 2012, the year of the World Championships.

At all the championships we've attended we managed to take home one of the medals. Some of them were really prestigious.

Gold medal Aerokart international Championship
Bronze medal Shamrock Showdown
Gold medal Bedford World Challenge (equilling the world record averge 30,4)
Gold medal Military World Games (setting a new World record, 4th time in a row)
Silver medal World Cup
Silver medal European Championship
Gold medal Belgian Nationals
Silver medal Dubai Gold Cup.

We hope that 2012 will bring us as much joy and good results we already experienced and hopefully we can bring home the Excalibur from the World Meet next year December.

Wednesday 21 September

NMP Pch HayaBusa NEW Belgian Champion

Thursday 18 August

After winning the CISM @ Brazil, we came out 2nd at the World Cup @ Germany.
An amazing 24,9 point average and only 6 points behind a suburb French team.
We finished our first half of the season with 4 victories out of 6 championships we attented.
Starting from end September we will pick up the pace of training for preparation of the 2nd Dubai Gulf Cup this year, end of November.
A preparation Meet for the next year Mondial @ Dubai.

Sunday 31 July

After winning the Military World Games @ Rio De Janeiro, Brazil we had a 2 day period of rest before travelling back to the next competition.
This time the World Cup @ Saarlouis, Germany.
22 4-way teams are ready to show their skills they've trained during the season.
We are looking forward to strike them back one-by-one.
At the end of the Meet, we want the World Cup 2011.
Check the blog for daily updates.

Thursday 05 Mai

After recent the victory we are now training at Skydive Empuriabrava, Spain for the upcoming World Games 2011 @ Brazile and the World Cup @ Saarlouis, Germany.

The training is going really well, videos can be found at YouTube to see how we are doing.

Keep track of your favourite team via Facebook, the page can be found thru the BLOG.

Monday 28 February

NMP Pch HayaBusa won this weekend the Indoor Aérokart Challenge at Paris with an average of 29,8 pts.
We are again super happy with our result, but the focus is already on to the next training camp and competition.
The Shamrock Showdown at DeLand, Florida on 18-19 and 20 March.
We leave to the US on Sunday.

Friday 21 January

What a good way to start the 2011 season.
The NMP Pch HayaBusa team just won the DUBAI international and Gulf Cup edition 2011.
France and USA came out 2nd and 3th.
We will keep up our focus and are still very eager to win the rest of the upcoming meets.
Thanks to all of our fans for their support during the past few years and especially the upcoming ones.

Sunday 05 December

NMP Pch HayaBusa won the Skydive Indoor Grand Prix championship at Indoor Roosendaal.
The rest of the month will be used to get better for the 2nd Dubai Gulf Cup begin January.

Wednesday 28 July

At this moment we are at the World Championship Russia for the FAI.
Last week we won the CISM World Championship at Buochs, Switzerland.
The team is of course very happy with this result.

Keep up to date at the BLOG.

Friday 16 July

For the moment HayaBusa is at the World Championship CISM @ Buochs, Swiss.
You can follow us at the blog site

For friends in Czech Republic: http://wingsuitbigway.com/

Monday 06 April

Just got back from the World Indoor Challenge held at Bedford, UK.
For the first time the 30 point average barrier got broken, and HayaBusa was there.
With a second place at the Shamrock Showdown, we now achieved the 3th place at the Challenge, with an incredible 30,1 average.
The year has begun, and we are on the right track.

Tuesday 19 January

We just got back from our competition trip at Dubai.
We ended on the well deserved second place.
Read our story's and see more pictures on the BLOG.

Next week we have a 7 day tunnel camp with Gary Smith, 2 times World Champion with DeLand Majik and Fire in 2004 and 2006.

Wednesday 23 September

The last competition meet of the year 2009, was ended with another victory at the Belgian Championship.

Monday 07 September

The World Cup 2009 is over, and HayaBusa Defence ended on the second place with an 22.9 points average.
A great result after a very long and busy summer.
4th place on the World Games at Taiwan
Gold Medallist at the Military World Championship at Slovakia with a new highest average of 33
and now the 2nd place at Czech Republic.

Friday 21 July

HayaBusa Defence won the 34th Military World Championship at Lucenec, Slovakia with an average of 33 points average over 8 Rounds.

Monday 06 July

Next week we will travel to Kaohsuing, Taiwan for the World Games; We try to update the competition through our Blog; check it out.

Tuesday 07 April

HayaBusa Defence came out 3th on the Bedford World Challenge, check out the blog for the daily updates.

Monday 02 March

HayaBusa Defence won again the international Indoor Aerokart Challenge at Paris, movies and pictures at the BLOG

Thursday 05 December

From 20 till 23 January and from 17 till 20 Februari, the big and famous Joey Jones (former World Champion 2004 and World Class Skydiver and coach)
will be in Belgium to give coaching in the Roosendaal Windtunnel!
If you are intrested of getting coaching for your 4-way team on any of these 8 days, please let us know!
Mail us at David@skydivehayabusa.com

Saturday 18 October

On 5 and 6 Januari 2009 HayaBusa Defence will organize in coörporation with the Italian magazine 90 PERCENT,
a tunnelcamp in the biggest European windtunnel at BEDFORD, UK!
We still have places availeble for:
on-on-one or 4-way coaching!
If intrested 2 email addresses for prices and more information:


Saturday 13 September

At the moment, HayaBusa Defence is training at Spain, for the upcoming CISM (Military Championship).
The 10 best country's on invitation will compete against each other at the military base in Lucarno, Switzerland!
You can follow us on the new Blog by clicking HERE.
The first video is set online as well, were you can see us train with So, the replacement of Luc!
Check it out!

Thursday 5 September

A new blog has been made, were it would be a lot easier to make updates in foreign country's
You can click here to watch the new blog

Sunday 17 August

Click here for the live interview of HayaBusa Defence by Kurt Gaebal, at the NSL office!

Thursday 14 August

A bit of a disappointing jump we had yesterday.
Round 7 was our horror jump from this meet, we expected so much more, but it turned out otherwise.
The Yuan out of the door, was already keyed before we could go on our normal pace, from than on, we had to chase our own tale!
The judges weren't mild, Score: 25!
France and USA scored a 28, that means that the French are a head of us with 2 points.
The Russians scored 27 and are now 3 points behind the 3th place!
Today we will try to for that tied 2nd place, 14-20-21 is the easiest jump, but if you had that silver medal in your hand, it's hard to see it slip away!
Again we will try our f*cking best to retrieve what is ours!

It's chilly today, but good skydive weather,
we are ready for the jump, we just creeped and still have to go for our run and stretch!
Give us all your support, WE NEED IT!


The World Championship 2008 France is over, Belgium's first medal is in.
We took home the bronze!
Srores of the last round
USA: 15
France: 18
Belgium: 17

Airspeed World Champion, France 2nd and Gold medal in 8-way and Belgium 3th!
Thx for all the support, pricegiving awards are set at 14h.

GREETS from the team, Dave out ....

Wednesday 13 August

Very windy here in Maubeuge, they started around 10h, but after 3-4 loads, the FAI controller, handed out a warning to the meet director because of the critical conditions that he sended those airplanes!
It's still over 22 knots/hour wind.
There was also a team captain's meeting, they discussed about certain points:
- If it stays bad, the next 2 jumps will turn in to semi-finals and finals for Round 7 and 8!

But for now, we are still waiting, and we are getting tired!

Tuesday 12 August

Ok, I might have a solution for the updates.
Koen from the Dutch 4-way is able to upload files, so what I can do, is put everything on his MAC and transfer it to our website.
Since it's bad weather anyway, rain and low clouds, we are on a weather hold and I have more time than I want!

But the results are in our advantage now, since we got an excellent day 2!
On the first competition day, we got stuck on 27 points and our opponents scored 28 or more!
We went back home on the end of the day with a 'not-so-good' feeling!
Round 2 was better for us yesterday, since we made the single high score with an outstanding 33.
This time we came back on the 2nd place!
Round 3 and 4 we tied with France.
The results after 4 rounds:
USA: 102
Belgium: 100
France: 98
Russia: 96

Everything is still very close, so it's not done yet, but, Round 5 is back in our favor, with the E-3-9 sequence!
But like I said, we are on a weather hold, so .... wait wait wait.


The team is back at the hotel, the wind is picking up and the clouds are low!
As you noticed, the site is back online, thx to Koen!
What happened was, the internet connection was blocked for uploading files, unless you got a special pass!
Well, I managed to get one due to some good contacts ;-)
Anyway, I have to thank the Maubeuge Director!


Well, we are back on the dz, but the wind gusts are too high!
So we are on a standby till 14h.
It's now 13.40h and if I look outside, there is still a lot of wind.


We finally started jumping again, with as first Round, the E-3-19.
We creeped and prepared it so good, that we almost choked!
But luckily we got away with it, thx to the judges!
They watched the jump 4 times and even 'freeze-framed' a certain point.
We sold it, and got away with it.
The Russians were strong, but busted 2 points 28
The US team came up with 29
France and we tied again with 27 points.

We were ready for Round 6 but, the weather conditions decided otherwise, clouds and wind!

Exciting? If you could imagine!!!

Keep it up, we need your support on the guest book! We need it!


Round 6 has been jumped and scored.
We've lost the Russian team, they scored 20.
We also gain a point on Airspeed but we lost a point at the French team!
Airspeed: 21
Belgium: 22
France: 23
Russia: 20

In my opinion, Russia fell of the podium, although, you never know with those guys, and the medals can be divided under USA, Belgium and France.
In which sequence? Belgium is still going for that GOLD medal, that's for sure!

The weather forecast for tomorrow, more wind than today, cold temperatures, and rain.
It's not that big of a difference as today, but today they jumped, even sometimes on the edge.
We are expected to be on the dz at 7.45h, but I think we will arrive at 8h!
If it stays bad, than there is a big chance we come back to our hotel, to rest instead of getting exhausted of doing nothing!

It's already late, so, sleep tight, and stay tuned for another extremely, nervously and hard-core competition day

Keep up the support, greets from the team for all of our readers

Dave out ...

Saturday 9 August

Today's first part of the World Championship, the practice jump!
Their were 2 choices;
21-22-10 or M-15-F-B
a slow or a fast one.
We chose the fast one. The HayaBusa style ;-)
Pretty easy dive, and we really wanted to show it to the judges, so that it would be scored and hanged out.
Well, France - Russia and USA didn't let their jump get judged, that means that we scored the highest score on the practice round, when you consider that Canada scored 29 and Norway 30 and HayaBusa Defence 32!
The jump was ok and the exit was a star!
Time to wait for the draw to be given.
In the meanwhile even Bruno (our cameraman 2001-2006) even stopped by to say hello!

Around 16h it finally came out.
The 11 most important jumps of the year.

When we got the draw, we discussed a little bit with Sven, our Head of Delegation, if it was possible to skip the opening ceremony so that we could prepare our jumps at our hotel! Off course no problem at all!

Once arrived at the hotel, we had to wait for Joey!
We rolled our jumps inside the hall, the 6 chairs and the big table on the side, with our feet's against the piano :-)

1. B 17 7
2. H N 13 A
3. 10 J C 6
4. 18 12 2
5. E 3 9
6. 19 O 4
7. D 5 16
8. 14 20 21
9. Q 8 15
10. K 11 22

After engineering these jumps, we all ate hear in the restaurant, and now we are all in our room, visualizing the jumps, before falling a sleep!
It's 21h30 so I'm going to finish today as well.
Hopefully till tomorrow
Keep up the support on our guest book!

Who are we? HayaBusa - What are we? The fastest!

Friday 8 August

We just had breakfast, and we are on our way to the drop zone, so that I can put the updates online.
The weather isn't so good, gray and low clouds.

Well, I've got problems with the server here in Maubeuge, for the moment it's hard to get the updates online!
I've this stays like this, I might make the updates through the guest book!

Sven, our former teammate and head of the Belgian Delegation will make updates as well on his blog.
As soon if I can find out the URL I will put that one online as well!

Finally I could find internet, at the city center of Mons!
It's time to eat mussels ;-p
mmmm, they were great!

We all walked a little bit further and ate an ice cream. After this we went back to our hotel, 20 min's of driving.
The weather is again not so impressive, heavy rains now and 10min later you see the sun and then it's blue sky. 1h later again rain.
After the 19h news, we went again for a 40min run.
In the way back to the hotel, we crossed Roy walking around the block.

Planning tomorrow:
- 8.45h - 9h breakfast
- 9.30h leave to the drop zone
- 10h manifest for 1 or 2 jumps + the official training jump
- 15h end of jumping, back to the hotel, preparing for the opening ceremony
- 18h trip to Maubeuge center for the opening ceremony
- 19h30 start ceremony
- 22h end of ceremony

somewhere in between the draw should have been given, and when we should be able to prepare our competition jumps, is still a big question mark!

For now, it's almost 22h, sleepwell

Dave out ...

Thursday 7 August

The deal between So, Shorty and myself was to get up around 7.30h and go out for a 40-45min run, but the weather conditions weren't in our advantage!
Around 7h it started to rain lightly, and 10min later we already could hear the thunder in the distance!
So text-messaged: It's raining really good, let's wait until it gets dry!
A few minutes later, their was a thunder flash, the 'Flash-to-Bang' was so short what meant that the strike was very nearby!
Even the electricity felt away in our hotel for almost an hour! It was better to close our eyes for another hour!

Again breakfast at 9h.
Afterwards we stayed at the dining table until almost 12h.
A little later Luc, Joey and Lena left to the monastery of Orvall!

I watched the young Belgian Olympic football team on television!.

After the game we wanted to go play bowling in Maubeuge.
Roy, Shorty, Danny, So and me took the car an drove off to the city center. No bowling area! Damn!
Now we are all back in our room, watching, reading, eating,... most of all, relaxing.

At 18h we finally left for the 35min run.

And right after, when we arrived at the hotel, it started to rain again, very hard, with again some thunder flashes.

The whole team besides Danny went out to eat in a restaurant in Beaumont, nearly over the Belgium border.
The plan for tomorrow, relax, go to the drop zone for the planning on Saturday, a little run, hopefully we can watch the Olympic Games on the tv, ...

Dave out...

Wednesday 6 August

Yesterday evening we arrived at our hotel! 3-4 km of the Belgian border!
A nice and calm atmosphere around the hotel! Just perfect to get ready to perform at the greatest show this year!
This morning So ,Shorty and myself went for a 30-35min run! At 9 o'clock we met for breakfast with the rest of the group!
Joey, Lena and Luc went to the club after breakfast and Roy, Danny, So, Shorty and me went to the mall, to get some food and drinks!

The plan was to go to the drop zone; and do a couple jumps! And see where we could put our tent in the best possible way!
"A tent"? This tent is mainly used for our visualization between jumps!
Because Belgium is represented by 2 '4-way teams' (male and female) and 1 '8-way team' the team tent would be crowded and it would be hard for us to visualize our next jump!
That's why we asked a private tent from our AAD sponsor Cypres, who arrived today as well!

We arrived around 10h45!
And the most teams are already 'surplace'!
Airspeed, 4 and 8-France, Sky Panthers, Arcteryx, Knightrax, .....

We've made 4 jumps; 4 'easy does it'-'feel good' jumps!
More important was,
- Can we hear the speaker for our boarding calls
- Where can we creep
- Where is the mock-up
- What is the procedure to board the plane
- How does the dz look like out of the air
- Landing area
- Packing area
- ....

Lot's of questions, but we know all the answers!
Our jumps were good, but were less important!
It was good weather, but the forecast for the next couple of days isn't so good!

At 17h we drove back to our hotel, took a shower and went eating at the Chinese!
Today was Luc's 46th birthday!

Tomorrow; no jumping!
What else? Is up to the coach!


Sunday 3 August

On Tuesday 5th of August, HayaBusa Defence will travel to Maubeuge, for the next World Championship Skydive!
Only 6 more days to go, the competition will start on Saturday, but we want to leave earlier to get used at the environment and our accommodation (we rented a gîte, nearby the club)!
Joey will land in Brussels on Tuesday as well!

Since our last training camp in Empuriabrava, we feel ultra-confident!
At one of the last NSL draws, we scored an 24,1 point average on 10 rounds, with some amazing block times!
Do we feel ready? The Porter is our friend ;-)

In July alone we did 120 training jumps; in total this year we come on almost 630-640 training jumps!

If Maubeuge comes up with a good internet connection, I will daily (and jump after jump if possible) come up with an update of the team and the jumps!
Follow the live scores and videos from every team at: SKYLEAGUE

As always; leave your comments and cheers at our guestbook, were we can read it from time to time! It's a real booster for our result!
If you can, support your favourite team at the dropzone in Maubeuge (Aérodrome de La Salmagne - 59600 VIEUX RENG - FRANCE)

Pricegiving is on 14th of August at 15h!


Monday 23 June

47 DAYS till the next "Skydiving World Championship 2008 at Maubeuge, France"

June 21st, 2008
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Total Avg
P,O,19,M B,10,12 8,2,14 21,E,Q,L 7,A,18 6,1,5 H,13,C,G K,22,16 N,4,3 20,17,9
1 USA Airspeed Odyssey
32 19 19 28 25 20 28 21 19 24 235 23.5
2 USA Golden Knights Black
29 19 19 26 24 19 26 20 22 23 227 22.7
3 Belgium Hayabusa Defence
29 19 18 27 22 19 28 20 22 - 204 22.7
4 USA Perris Fury
28 18 18 26 24 19 29 21 22 21 226 22.6
5 Norway Arcteryx
28 18 17 26 19 19 - - - - 127 21.2
6 Belgium Hayabusa Defence Beta
25 16 15 22 19 15 25 15 17 - 169 18.8

At the same time as the Belgian Nationals, the Paraclete XP Money Meet at Raeford, Carolina; the Dutch Tomscat Trophy and an Italian League meet was being held!
After having a great meet, with only 9 Rounds (Round 10 was cancelled because of the high winds on Sunday) these are the final top 6 scores!
HayaBusa Defence took Gold and silver on the Nationals and on the international scoreboard we came out on a tied 2nd place with the USA Golden Knights after 9 Rounds and place 6!
HayaBusa BÈTA even did this with a new best team score with an average of 18.8! Great job guys!
More scores and information here

Saturday 21 June

12 teams are on site here in Zwartberg, Belgium for the 2008 edition of the Belgian Nationals!
These are the jumps for today;

1. P-O-19-M
2. B-10-12
3. 8-2-14
4. 21-E-Q-L
5. 7-A-18
6. 6-1-5

The weather at the moment (7h55) is high clouds, no wind, 15ºC and jumpable!

Wednesday 18 June

After having some major problems (lot's of stress) the site is back online!

exit G with Bruno Brokken 12 exit

from Bruno Brokken from Bruno

Here an update of the latest training camp in June!

Joey Jones was with us for a couple of days in Empuriabrava!
We worked together very hard on the mental and physical aspect!
Mentally for the meet preparation that we will going to need on the World Meet, and physical for the strength and speed during the jumps and the rest of the days!

There are only 52 days left for the next "Skydiving World Championship 2008 at Maubeuge, France"
And the team is going good; lot's of confidence, good team atmosphere, and good results!
Our random's and transitions 'after the block' speed is still on the slow side, but in July, we will work on bringing the pieces together!
Exits, buildings, block techniques, random speed,... We will go for a medal!

1-14 and 25-31 July we will be back in Spain for our final camps before the World Meet;

-Because of the strike's in Brussels our photo shoot was cancelled; next appointment next week probably at the KMS, Brussels

-Next weekend the Belgian Nationals are being held in Zwartberg (near Genk) out of the left-hand door from the Cessna Caravan!
It's a long while ago since our last jump out of a Caravan but we will try our best for another good and fast result!
It will be another international competition where draws and scores will put together on the NSL-site!
You can still come over and support your favorite national team at Zwartberg!

-Next Monday 23 (Roy and Luc) and on Sunday 29th of June (Dave and Andy); you can find us on the open-door of the military base at Leopoldsburg!

That's about it for the this and next week!
Dave out...

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