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2020 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Mondial Russia

HayaBusa Defence 2009

The year after the World Championship, is most of often the one with the changes.
This time it's not different;
With So instead of Luc, and with internal place changes between David and Andy (Point - Inside - Outside Center).
Roy will still be flying his tail slot.
We will try to do better than our well deserved 3th place on the World Championship at Maubeuge, France!
In our minds we know that we were only 4 pts away from our first World Championship title, but still, we are very pleased with our first bronze medal, and this team is still on a road for success as we never could have dreamed off.
Is it possible that boy’s dreams do come true?
Together with Joey Jones, our top coach in 2008, we want to create a more solid foundation for the World Championship 2010 and with an average age of 27,5 this team can, future wise, go for every World Championship or World Cup's gold medals!
With Danny we are in possession of one of the (if not THE) best 4-way camera flyers in the World!
Additionally the 4-way experience of Luc (being a competitor for more than 25 years) will make sure that our team is well prepared for the upcoming year!

Let's make sure that we don't forget the efforts done for us behind the scene:
· Military Office of Top Sport Defense Belgium
·Training Centre Schaffen,
· Planning & coordination for the logistics, budget, contracting and administration done by
Wim Kauffman,Stijn Polus and in the future Erwin De Clercq!
Our goals for this year are:
In the first period gaining some extra competition experience by participating in indoor competitions like :
Paris , France and Bedford, UK.
While we aim to peak at our biggest meets:

· July: World Games at Taipei, Taiwan .
· August: World CISM at Lucenec,Slovakia.
· September: World Cup at Prostejov, Czech Republic.
Off course we want to be on that highest spot on the podium and the how to accomplish this, will be very important!
Clean, Fast, Precise, lesser mistakes and most important with a whole lot of Friendship!
As always you can expect the best of us in every way in this busy but exciting year 2009!
We still hope for your support, we are going to need it; our opponents are tough, our training even tougher!
We would like to thank all of our fans and our sponsors who still believe in us, our talent and our commitment to achieve our goals!

Join HayaBusa Defence on its journey to concur the World!
Stronger and Faster than ever...