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2020 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Mondial Russia

HayaBusa Defence 2008

Looking back to our first season as a professional team I guess we can say that it was
even better then what we had expected. With having a new lineup and try to get used to
the new way of training and solving problems, we learned quickly and became a strong
team. We're still learning, trying to get better and pushing our limits jump after jump.
Our highlights of 2007 will be for sure winning the World Cup and European Championship
in Russia, where we had a thrilling final against the French National team.  And some
months later we became the new Military World Champions in India where we had another
breath taking race against the American Golden Knights. We also set 2 new Military World
records for highest score (41) and highest average (31,5)  over eight rounds.

This year the FAI World Championship will be held in Maubeuge, France. Winning this Meet
is in our opinion the highest achievement you can earn in Formation Skydiving. We will
give our very best to score as high as we possibly can!  One of the biggest challenges
for us is to overcome the exits out of the Pilatus Porter, flying more cleaner and making
less mistakes. If we succeed in this then we have a good prospect for the World

Through this way we want to thank again all our friends, fans and sponsors that helped us
achieving our goals and that share our passion!! It's a great support for us to know that
you guys back us up!!

Well... 2008 HERE WE COME!!!!!
Hayabusa Defence! Stronger and Faster than ever!!