HayaBusa Defence 2007

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Time is flying by when you’re having fun!
And for sure 2006 was again a year full of great skydives, lots of fun and good competitions! We managed  to score 45 points in a single random jump during a Belgium Skydive Trophy, wich is a new official Belgium record and a World class performance. Later during the season we set ourselfs a new highest team average over ten rounds 20,5 during the ESL Finals. We competed at the FAI World Championship in Germany and became 6th.  With that we were the Worlds best amateur team. But to all good things comes an end. Sven and Bruno deceided to stop with Hayabusa because of personel reasons. It’s a big lost to the team after training for many years together but they are still in the background.

So a new year brings new challenges!!
The biggest challenge for 2007 was finding  new qualified team members and making a choice of becoming a professional skydiving team. And so we did! In January we joined the Belgium Militairy service and became part of the professional Militairy Skydiving Team. We joined forces with Luc Verstrepen (inside center) and Danny Jacobs (video flyer). Both are multiple Militairy World Champions in FS. As always we upgrated our goals and will work our ass of to achieve them!!!

We also want to thank all our fans and sponsors that supported us during all those years!  And especially Skydive Center Spa, they have been a huge support to us!

Stay tuned for another great Ballistic adventure!!!
“HayaBusa, stronger and faster than ever”!!