Spa HayaBusa 2006

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Well once again we had a great season in 2005!
It was a very successful year. We learned so many new things; we improve our skills as individuals as well as a team. By doing many competitions we trained ourselves also in this aspect. For sure our highlight was at the Malevsky cup in Russia! Winning the European Championship was fantastic. Jumping a thrilling finale against the strong Russian team was for us something new that we never experienced before. Besides this we won all Belgian Skydive Trophy’s, National Championship and the Aerokart Indoor Challenge in France. We set a new Belgium record at the ESL Finales in Spa, 20.0 average. This was our goal for 2005 and by reaching it at our last competition from the season; we could feel satisfied and look back with a big smile! Besides all the good things we also had some bad luck. We planned to do 400 jumps but we just past the 250. This has mainly to do with bad weather on our first camp and the weather in Belgium. But this means that we still have plenty of room to make progression!

Our plans for the 2006 season are ambitious!
Again we will try to do 400 jumps before the World Meet in Germany.
We would like to bring the average up towards 21.0 and we want to be in the run for a medal during the World Meet! Even if we know that this will be very hard to achieve, we believe in it, and for sure we’ll be giving 100% jump after jump. We already did one camp in January in Eloy. Our level is already higher now then at the end of the 2005 season. This is for us a big motivation! Knowing that we still are climbing even if we are an amateur team doing not many jumps, comparing to the professional teams. But there is a long way ahead of us before reaching our destination, but we are coming!

We want to thank all our supporters and the people that believe in us!!!
You’re giving us strength and motivation during competitions and training.
Big thanks also to our sponsors!!! Without them we couldn’t achieve our dreams.
And especially for our home Drop zone, Skydive Center Spa!!

By settings these new goals, the HayaBusa crew will push them selves as far as they can get, never let go of the team spirits!!

“Spa HayaBusa, stronger and faster than ever”