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Team Spa HayaBusa 2005

Looking back at our last season of 2004, we can only say that it was once again a great season!
This year we achieved all our goals, that we made in the beginning of the year.
We competed in the Belgian Skydiving League, Europian Skydiving League, National Championship, World Meet and the Aérokart Indoor Challenge. Our team average went from 15.5 to 19.3 during the ESL meet, and this with only 250 training jumps. We also found ourselves a new home Dropzone at Skydivecenter Spa.

We will bridge winter with organising tunnelcamps and team training mainly at the Aérokart windtunnel in Paris, France.
For upcoming year 2005, we planned to do about 400 training jumps, including two trainingcamps with our coach, Doug Park from DeLand Majik. The first trainingcamp will start in March, from then on we’ll be training until the end of the season.

The most important competitions for us will be; National Championship, Malevskicup (Russia), World Air Games (germany) and the Worldcup (usa). Like previous years, Hayabusa will be organising coaching weekends, at Skydivecenter Spa,
mainly in the beginning and the end of the season. But in between we will also do team coaching.

As always the Hayabusa crew, will be giving more then100% jump after jump.
Believing in ourself and in our teammates!

2005 will be once again a very exciting year for us and we did set new goals to get us were we need to go, and that’s on the podium!!

Last but not least…..
We like to thank all the sponsors and supporters for believing in us!
Keep it up!!!

Spa Hayabusa “stronger and faster then ever”.