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2020 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Mondial Russia

Team HayaBusa 2003

HayaBusa is a relatively new and young Belgian FS4 team. It is also the name of a bird of prey that is considered as one of the fastest birds in the world, able of reaching speeds of over 200 miles/hour.

The team was formed after the Belgian nationals of 2002 when two members of the runner up team "Roeiers" decided to quit the team. The two remaining members : David Grauwels (outside center) and Sven Ibens (inside center) decided to continue with FS4 competition and asked Roy Janssen (tail), Andy Grauwels (point and brother of David) and Bruno Van Den Eede (video) to join them and they accepted. Ludo Havelaerts (one of the former "Roeiers" members) is helping the team a great deal in coaching them.

HayaBusa set a goal of winning the Belgian Skydiving Trophy (the Belgian counterpart of the NSL) in 2003 and keeping the gap between NMPV (the Belgian national army team) at the 2003 nationals as small as possible. At the same time HayaBusa will aim at being selected for the 2004 WAG in Croatia.

The HayaBusa team members believe they stand a chance against NMPV for the selection for Croatia in 2004, since the latter will most likely be changing two of their team members after this year's worldmeet in Gap, France. If NMPV indeed decides to switch two members, selections for Croatia will be held next March or April and then it promises to be a tight race...
To be continued.