Tunnel Coaching

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All tunnel coaching includes preflight briefing, in air coaching,  video and debrief.

With the tunnel as a training tool we can begin with the basics. With the tunnel we have virtually an endless opportunity to evaluate and improve your basic flying skills and we can effectively train 4 Way in the tunnel itself.
We cover fundamentals such as:
Basic body position
Fall rate modulation
Translational and super-positional movement,
Center turns
Grip management.
4 Way randoms
4 Way blocks

Many different types of students join Hayabusa for coaching in the tunnel. Beginning to seasoned competitors, they all agree that flying with an Hayabusa coach proves to be a valuable experience. The flying is demanding, the challenges real and the focus it takes to fly at this level for this extended period will be both challenging and thrilling to every skydiver.

In the tunnel each student can look forward to individualized instruction. The course will be customized in areas that focus attention and time on personal areas of improvement. We will take you through a pre flight briefing, identifying the areas you wish to work on and talk theory on all elements pertinent to you. We then will get into the tunnel and put all that theory into action. We identify and correct any areas for improvement. Repetition is the key to becoming a great skydiver and in the tunnel we enhance your strong points.

We can tell you that flying in the tunnel, using proven training techniques, is going to make you a better skydiver. Just ask anyone who has attended one of our  tunnel or skills camps.