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Time past since start of 2021 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Mondial Russia


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End of the summer and end of the Belgian Nationals.

After the two windtunnel competitions in the beginning of the year (Windoor and Bedford) we started with our outdoor training.
From April till half way August we've worked, together with our coach Gary, on all the facets of FS.
Trying to get better at our exits, our terminal moves, our continuity plan and our block techniques.
On many of them we feel confident and on some of them we still need a lot of jumps to improve our weak points.
Indoor and outdoor skydiving may look like the same, they barely are and many teams do understand what I mean with this.

Anyway, our 25.7p average looks promising for the next few months, were we will attack the World Cup next week @ Teuge, The Netherlands.
Right after we will do the Belgian Nationals 8-way together with our best buddies from Team Thunder (who find themselfs in a very bad situation, and we all feel along with our mates).
Also still on the program is the Military World Games CISM at South Korea.

Join us on our facebook page to follow up with our stories on the spot.

After our first outdoor competition at Dubai dec 2014, we recently had our first Indoor meet.
Just like we did last year by going to the competition not knowing where we were, we gave it all our best to perform as good as we could with the limited training we had prior going to the DIPC5.

As it logically turned out to be, the Canadians were jumping on another level than us, we could manage to keep up with them in some rounds, but more than hanging on and waiting thill they made their mistakes we couldn't do yet.

The distance between #2 and #3 was much closer, we could deliver a nice battle between the US team, Rythem XP.
It was a tough battle lasting till round 10, were we eventually showed that we are able to cool down our nerves and bring home that well deserved silver medal.

Nothing like this last week.
The direct opponent was Arizona Airspeed, a multiple World Champion team in almost the same situation like HayaBusa.
Mark Kirkby stepped out after his last victory during the US nationals and in came Niklas Hemlin, World Champion 2012, because of this, Thiago Gomez changed his position to tail and Niklas took over the point spot.

It's been already known for many years and proven by France and recently HayaBusa, If you are able to beat Arizona Airspeed, most likely you will have the best shot on winning the next World Championship 2016.
The battle we had at Windoor, Empuriabrava, was again very epic, 2 high class teams performing on about 90-95% of their abilities in this time of the year regarding the low amount of training.

First day showed that it wasn't easy to take a giant step away from the US team, on friday evening the seperation was only 1point.
Altough we are the biggest opponents of each other, the friendship is huge, HayaBusa, Team Thunder and Airspeed went out for a suhsi dinner in the local Japanese restaurant, downtown Empuriabrava.
Telling stories, getting to know each other even better resulted in laughter and huge respect.

2nd day came out to be a different story,
Airspeed took too many mistakes in the judging room and HayaBusa got the open road for their second Windoor victory.
But we all are very well aware of the danger that Airspeed might cause for us in the 2 upcoming years.

They will get faster and better synchronized, HayaBusa needs to perform on their best in training and on the upcoming events during the confrontation in the 2015 and 2016 season.

We for instance, will not travel for the upcoming XP indoor and outdoor event, and Airspeed will not show up at the World Challenge at Bedford during Easter.

Both teams regret this, since we all know that competing against the best of the best only shows where you need to improve and many factors just don't have the same intensity in training as a direct battle.

This means we will meet again during the November/December period in Dubai for the Indoor Sandstorm meet and the outdoor World Air Games competition.

We will look forward to this but in the meanwhile.... 
Let's keep working hard and maintain the fun!

Many thanks to Windoor for making this event a high class enjoyable meet to watch and attend.


Let me introduce the new line-up for the upcoming 2015 and 2016 season.
Our alternate Jeroen 'Bob' Nollet stepped in the team as an alternate after 2010 when Dennis took over the spot that So left behind.
This time Roy Janssen, member of HayaBusa since 2012, stepped down to become a professional coach.

The calendar for next year is set, we will have multiple training camps at our home dropzone Skydive Empuriabrava, but also Skydive Dubai and the US is on the training program.
We will mainly look forward to the upcoming CISM World Games in South Korea in October and the biggest World Air Games so far in the history of the FAI organisation held in Dubai end november.
The reason to train more than this year in Empuriabrava, Spain is mainly because of the World Meet 2016 @ Chicago, US where we all will jump the Twin Otter as being the meet aircraft.

HayaBusa will also continue with their succesfull coach Mr Smith Gary, who accepted his new challenge for this next seasons.
And between camps, we've also added some 8-way training with Team Thunder on the program.
Some weekends of fun with friends will hopefully provide a new stimulans in making 8-way again popular in the Belgian area, for the Belgian Nationals held end of August @ PCV, Schaffen.

As you can see, stay tuned on our facebook page for the latest and most up to date movements around the HayaBusa team.
More pics and movies to be found there....

Stronger and Faster than ever...

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