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2020 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Mondial Russia


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At this moment we are at the World Championship Russia for the FAI.
Last week we won the CISM World Championship at Buochs, Switzerland.
The team is of course very happy with this result.

Keep up to date at the BLOG.

For the moment HayaBusa is at the World Championship CISM @ Buochs, Swiss.
You can follow us at the blog site

For friends in Czech Republic:

Just got back from the World Indoor Challenge held at Bedford, UK.
For the first time the 30 point average barrier got broken, and HayaBusa was there.
With a second place at the Shamrock Showdown, we now achieved the 3th place at the Challenge, with an incredible 30,1 average.
The year has begun, and we are on the right track.

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