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After finishing our 4th outdoor trainingcamp, there are from this date only 60 more days left till the start of the FAI World Championships at Chicago, US.

#RoadToChicago #TrainHard #NMPPchHayaBusa #StrongerAndFaster 

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Coming back home with the award of the Bedford World Challenge, were you can find the list of the 3 teams who made history over the last decade, means you achieved something.

Getting the award in your possession means you actually won it 5 times.

Airspeed came very close with their 4 consective wins, and then got defeated by France in 2011, we tried it 5 times to win this trophee (2006 - 2011)  and always ended between place 6 and 2nd, and suddenly 5 years later, we did achieve it.

This happened last year, this year we've added another victory in thé biggest event of the year. 
Ánd with a never seen performance, with a 32.0 point in average each round or 320 solid formations in grand total.
A new record showing this team is ready for the upcoming outdoor season.

From now on we will focuss on jumping the airplanes in Empuriabrava, Spain and Laurinburg, NC, US; 
just to make sure we are still able in defending our World Championship titles in the Military and open FAI classes.

HayaBusa is up for the next best thing... Are you?
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Keep bringing your support...

Faster and Stronger than ever...

3rd Victory in a row at the Windoor Windgames.

Super stoked with this one, it's always a great pleasure and honor to fly at your best when your friends are watching from closeby.

On Friday there were on the LiveStream a total of 150.000 viewers troughout the day, so I have been told.
But isn't that amazing? 
This sport is growing and growing, and we feel excited to be part of it, enjoying ánd making the show.
There are so many great flyers during this event that you can sit on your chair for minutes with an open mouth looking at them performing at their best.
I can't wait to for the next one, hopefull you too.

HayaBusa's next one will be during the World Challenge @ Bedford, UK early April.

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