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2021 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Mondial Russia


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Tomorrow morning the team will leave to DeLand, FL for the last big training camp this year.
We all just watched Team USA performing on their Nationals a few days ago and now it's time for comparement and recalculating their jumps in our pursuit  for better scores.

The biggest Skydiving show on earth is coming near; only 1 more month.
And without a doubt, the 3 teams will perform on their best; it will take a high average to win the Excalibur on December, 8

NMP Pch HayaBusa is eager and hungry to take it to the next level.
Only 1 more month...12 trainingday's...100 jumps... T-minus 27 days and counting

The team managed to win the National title and the "European Skydive League" trophy after an exciting and thrilling ending vs Team Thunder.

With 2 points down going into Round 10, we gained 2 points back on thunder and this leaded towards an extra round 11: the Jump-off.

Our more efficient engineering pulled us over the line, but it was breath taking...
What a meet. Big congrats to Thunder for giving us the competition and towards Jeroen who filled in at Roy's slot after his illniss. 
For sure not an easy job, but an unforgettable memorie for all of us.

Big thank you to the Organisation, Federation, Volunteers, Pilots, fellow competitors and spectators.
This is what a meet needs to get a 5* rating.

We are looking forward to next years final.

The Spirit is back home were it belongs: BELGIUM

It took us 5 years for winning our 2nd World Cup and our 3th European Championship.
And you can be sure we've categorized this victory as well deserved.

Our score wasn't the most impressive, but we know we can do better, as our training results prove this.
Next week we will have the finals of the European Skydive League, this time in Belgium (Moorsele) and again we will do our very best to raise our  personal score.

We all want to thank our sponsors and of course our fans for the great cheers we've received, without these this result would have been much harder.

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