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The 2012 Season is over...

After competing with the French team and the winner USA at the World Championship Parachuting Mondial @ Dubai our 2012 season is over. 
It has been an incredible race towards the end of the meet, and we feel happy that we are part of the re-written history. 
The former highest average of 27.7 at the World Championship 2010 @ Menzelinsk, Russia is now set at 27,9p / 10 rounds set by Airspeed.
Our team average 27.8 is also an improvement and we never thought we could do this without our hunt towards the golden medal pursuing team USA.

The HayaBusa team will continue in it's current line-up but we regret that friends in Team France and USA stop competing because of personal interests. We wish them all the best and it feld a great honor competing against each other in the past years.

Our next goal at 2014 is winning the Excalibur but again we will try to do this step-by-step.

Thank you all for your support in the past, present and future

Stronger and Faster than ever...



Our Lufthansa flight will depart tomorrow from Zaventem around 11h and head towards Frankfurt as stop-over to our final destination in Dubai tomorrow at midnight.

After collecting all the luggage, we drive with the 2 rental cars to our Oasis Beach Tower hotel near the Palm DZ.
Oasis Beach Towers hotel

On Sunday morning after a normal breakfast and hopefully a good night rest we all drive to the Desert DZ (about an hour from the hotel) to make some practise jumps to get used about:
the temperature, jump planes and our fellow competitors who are already training there such as Airspeed,...!

We are all very excited to start the competition, the greatest of it's kind in history of Skydiving, we've been training our ass off for it, so it's time to start collecting where we've been training for.

Because the last camp in DeLand was so succesfull we can start to make 6 jumps on day 1 and slowly built up the speed towards the beginning of the World Championship.

Links to follow:

Tomorrow morning the team will leave to DeLand, FL for the last big training camp this year.
We all just watched Team USA performing on their Nationals a few days ago and now it's time for comparement and recalculating their jumps in our pursuit  for better scores.

The biggest Skydiving show on earth is coming near; only 1 more month.
And without a doubt, the 3 teams will perform on their best; it will take a high average to win the Excalibur on December, 8

NMP Pch HayaBusa is eager and hungry to take it to the next level.
Only 1 more month...12 trainingday's...100 jumps... T-minus 27 days and counting

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