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Yes, we did it again, winning the World Challenge @ Bedford UK.
4th consecutive time and now equalling the hegemony of the 2006-2009 history of Arizona Airspeed.
Always looked up to that team and never thought that it was possible to beat that record.
4 times Airspeed, France in 2010 and from then on NMP Pch HayaBusa 2011 - ....

Although the average looks lower than before, the draw wasn't in somebody's favor, slow dives, slower transitions... with that 29,1 average on that draw we are very happy.

The indoor season is now officially over and finally we can look forward to the ultimate, the World Championship @ Czech Republic end of August.

Skydiving out of an airplane, starting @ Skydive Empuriabrava from 14 till 23 April.
This is still out of the Twin Otter, left hand door, we will also go back in May but from then on, you can find us 3 time @ Prostejov, Czech while we jump the TurboLet 410, the airplane for the next World Meet.

We are looking forward to skydive, to become better, become stronger, to become even faster but most of all to still enjoy every skydive we are able to make together.

By making yourself friends with our facebook page you will get instant acces to the teams performances and adventures, great pictures and movies

See you all soon 

End of February and we are already facing our 2nd and 3rd competition of 2014.
After winning in January at the Windoor, Empuriabrava we face Airspeed again and also the French and Canadian delegation.
Now here in Reaford (weekend 1-2 March) and DeLand (7-8 March).
Both events are highly recommended and for sure we would like to go home with a good result ánd a superfeeling.
We've been training hard the last few weeks in Dubai and Bedford and the team feels ready.

By clicking on this LINK you can follow up the Indoor meet LIVE.
Feel free to check it out, and on the teams facebook page you can always say your cheers.

NMP Pch HayaBusa won the 4th DIPC (Dubai International Parachuting Championship) for the 2nd time.
The team is very pleased with this 4th major win @ 2013.

Gold @:

- World Challenge, Bedford
- World Cup, Banja Luka
- World Military Championship, Qionglai
- Gulf Cup, Dubai

Next on the program is the Windoor Windtunnel Competition @ Empuriabrava, half way January.

Keep following NMP Pch HayaBusa on its challenge and adventure to win the World Championship @ Prostejov, Czech Republic August, 2014

Stronger and Faster than ever... 

Thanks to our fans, sponsors, families

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