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Start 2017

What an amazing meet: the Windgames 2017 organized by Windoor at Empuriabrava, Spain.
These truly was the most spectacular indoor meet we've attended, EVER.

Food was great, tunnel ran smooth througout the whole comp, the live video recording, tv production and speakers were fenomenal, the competitors level was incredible high, thanks to everybody to make this happen.

Ánd HayaBusa just won their 16th consecutive indoor meet since 2011.

We've been pushed to perform at our best level, we needed to come back from behind, even attack harder when we were 4 points down and were standing on the 3rd spot after Round 3, but then the race for a comeback began, ending up with a tied end of day #1.

Second day started with a tied jump gain, then another comeback, and eventually this ended in a lead that we never gave back any more.

This is #Morethanatunnel , this is OUR tunnel, this is #Windoor , HayaBusa's training and playground.

Big cheers to Weembi Lille for making it so hard on us, thanks for setting these new standards guys, eventually we will both benefit from these battles, no matter win or loose.

And France Open for coming closer every meet, these guys are on the right path.

Nr1 is in the bag but in the next 2 months there will be 2 more confrontations with the same line-ups, 
The French Indoor Nationals @ Lille, and the World Challenge @ Bedford.

Hang on and sit tight, more excitement is coming up pretty soon, 
Let the 2017 games begin....

HayaBusa out

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