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Time past since start of 2021 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Mondial Russia


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World Games @ Mungyeong, South Korea

3rd Victory in a row for HayaBusa at the 6th World Games for Military sports.

It's again another step in the road to 2016.

The jumps went well, above the Naval Airforce Base of Pohang.
Too bad we can't provide the images since we are restricted in broadcasting them.
The South Korean country is officially in a state of war against it's neighbour North Korea, and we understand very well that sensitive information might be too delicate at the time being.
Jumping the Black Hawk helicopter was for many of us a dream to jump out, and we can finally check it of our 'to-jump'-list.

To be honest: there is still a long road ahead of us, but we know ánd feel that we are still on the best path towards success.

Next thing...
Tomorrow medal awards, some culteral visits in the region, closing banket and drinks in the next few days and the closing ceremony with all the athletes and nations before travelling back home on 12th of October.

Then we have a week to change our outdoor to indoor mentality since the FAI World Championship Indoor @ Prague, Czech Republic will start at 22 of October.
Another big meet in the 2015 season.

Keep following the team via our HayaBusa facebook page.
Spread the word and keep tuned for next results, pictures, videos and upcoming events...

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