World Championship @ Prostejov

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It's the time of the year, where it all comes to a peak, a moment we've been hoping for, it costed us hard work, dedication, frustration, sweat, blood (some moments) and tears during the build up.

And now we are here, at the dropzone of Prostejov, for the biggest moments in our carreers.
Only a week seperates us from knowing who will be the next Champions in the game we all love so much.

After our lost in Dubai, end 2012, we worked harder to stand were we are now, not only because of the team, but also because of our friends, family, partners, sponsors, collegues and our coach Gary.

You all made it possible for us to stand here in the best circumstances and now its up to us to close this journey.

We will never underestimate our opponents and we always treat them with biggest respect and friendship as it should be under fellow competitors. 

I hope you will all enjoy the show and videos of the jumps we will be making.
Keep supporting our team by clicking on our facebook team page and giving us your cheers and messages.

Go HayaBusa
Stronger and Faster than ever...