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Time past since start of 2018 FAI World Parachuting Championships - Mondial Russia


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Monday 16 april

2 months after winning the first competition of the 2012 season, we managed to reduce the distance at Airspeed with our silver medal at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Meet at DeLand, US. Comparing the results to last years we took a giant leap in our progress.

US vs Belgium
2011: 25.0 vs 22.8
2012: 26.1 vs 26.5

France is close by but due to the lack of training and travel problems their results are not representative for their abilities.

The annual World Challenge Meet @ Bedford, UK was for us the second victory in a row after the domination of Airspeed (2006-2009) and France (2010).

Again a perfect way to start the outdoor training with 100% selfconfidence that everything is possible and 3 top-teams being able to win from each other depending the "form of the day".
Still 7 months to train for the Mondial @ Dubai, UAE.
But also 7 more months without competiting against France and US.
We all know that better opponents only makes you stronger.

Next target is the World Cup 2012 @ Prostejov, Czech Republic at the end of August.

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